System JO  |  Prolonger Gel

System JO | Prolonger Gel

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Size 60 ml

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Maximize pleasure with JO® PROLONGER GEL, a regular strength gel that uses natural numbing ingredients to slow the onset of ejaculation. The addition of peppermint oil is designed to enhance the prolonging effect while also providing a natural plumping sensation. Perfect to use during solo-play and foreplay, this gel offers a more thrilling application, with a longer lasting effect.


Product Info

✔ Cream improves sensation
✔ A nature inspired delay gel
✔ All-spice and patchouli oil provide a natural numbing
✔ Ideal for men who want longer lasting effects with a regular strength formula

Dr Rica's Notes

Hmm...I can't give a first-hand review about this, as I don't have a penis.

But, the numbing effect can help you hold out your ejaculation a few minutes longer than usual.

So try it out. And if any of you would like to give this a review, shoot us a message, we'd love to hear from you. :)


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