iroha l Rin Kogane


The iroha RIN was created to help everyone discover their own pleasure, not just from external vibrations but with insertable sensations. This toy can be used as a normal vibrator, but can also be used to penetrate hard to reach areas.

It has a soft, spherical tip that sits atop the RIN's firm length, for easy insertion. The flexible tip can move during use, creating a sensation that is new for everyone!

Discover the iroha RIN to dive deeper into new spheres of insertable pleasure.


Vibration Modes


Product Specifications

Running Time: Approximately 4 hours (Max Strength)
Battery Powered (2x AAA) (Includes Tester Batteries)
Waterproof up to 50cm / 19.5"
Materials: Silicone, ABS

iroha l Rin Kogane
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