About Us

Unprude redefines the modern sex store by guiding you through a stage-sensitive shopping experience that is designed to help you identify your specific sexual stage, through guided self-discovery and expert-curated products.

Led by one of the country’s foremost authorities on sexual wellness and education, Dr. Rica Cruz, the Unprude experience is rooted in research on sexual identity, pleasure, and relationships – allowing you to be at peace with who you are and what you desire at every Sexual Stage.

Always in confidence

We curate products that we have tried ourselves.

Delivered without shame, but still in confidence.

No judgement, explore on your own terms.

Dr. Rica Cruz

Dr. Rica Cruz is the first and only Filipino given the title of Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Sexology, by the American Board of Sexology. 

She is a sex and relationships therapist, educator and broadcaster. She holds a PhD in Psychology, as well as certifications in sex and relationships therapy from the University of Guelph, Cambridge Alliance-Harvard Medical School and the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality. She has dedicated her professional life towards understanding Filipino sexual behaviors and pleasure, and helping individuals and couples with sexual and relationship issues. She is widely recognized and awarded for her research and publications on Filipino sexual satisfaction, experiences of sex guilt, and Filipino women’s sexual pleasure. 

Dr. Rica is a constant voice in Filipino sexuality and pleasure — providing quality sex education to the Filipino youth, working with brands for HIV & Sexual Health Awareness, collaborating with UN Women and other NGOs to address gender-based violence in the country, as well as hosting various TV shows (“Feelings” with OnePH), podcasts (“Conservative Ako,” “The Sexy Minds”), and social media programs (“Love and Sex” with Metro.Style) that aim to normalize conversations around sex in the country. 

Her goal is to provide the guidance that Filipinos need on their journey towards understanding and embracing their sexual selves, so that every Filipino can fully experience and enjoy sex — on their own terms.

The Team

Dr. Rica leads a boutique, all-female team of fellow-Unprudes, all of whom share a common goal: To create a space where we can freely be ourselves to explore our sexual desires and curiosities.

Exploring our sexual selves means that we honor our own unique experiences, that we give equal respect to each other’s desires, and that we are at peace with the preferences that we are comfortable with. Thus, our entire team is committed to keep any personal information in confidence, so you can focus on yourself — just as it should be.