About Us

We want to create a place where exploring the world of sex does not have to be a big deal — because it shouldn't be.

Led by one of the country’s foremost authorities for sexual wellness and education, Dr. Rica Cruz, our products are personally selected from the world’s top experts in sexual health, designed to give you the best in quality and pleasure.

our values

1. We curate products that we have tried ourselves.

2. Delivered without shame, but still in confidence.

3. No judgement, only good vibrations.

Dr. Rica Cruz

Dr. Rica Cruz is a sex and relationships therapist, a broadcaster, and an entrepreneur. She has a PhD in Psychology and had further training and certifications in sex and relationships therapy from the University of Guelph, Cambridge Alliance-Harvard Medical School and the Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality. She is also a Board Certified Sexologist by the American College of Sexologists.

Her expertise is founded on Filipino sexual behaviours and sexual pleasure, with her practice revolving around individuals and couples with sexual and relationship issues. Her research and publications are on Filipino sexual satisfaction, experiences of sex guilt, and Filipino women’s sexual pleasure.

She provides sexuality education to the Filipino youth and is part of campaigns for HIV & Sexual Health Awareness. She has also worked with UN Women and other NGOs to help address gender-based violence in the country.

She co-hosts a daily TV show, Feelings, on one of the country’s leading news channels, OnePH, where she gives free sex education and love advice to Filipinos. She has two podcasts, Conservative Ako, to help Filipino women let go of the shame and stigma and completely embrace their sexuality; and The Sexy Minds, to help normalize conversations around sex in the country. Her other media projects include, Love and Sex with Doc Rica, a show on the social media platform Kumu, presented by Metro.Style, and regular columns on various media publications.

As a sex therapist, educator, and researcher, Dr. Rica opines that sexual ownership is sexier than sex.

The Team

Dr. Rica leads a boutique, all-female team of fellow-Unprudes, all of whom share a common goal: To create a space where we can freely be ourselves to explore our sexual desires and curiosities.

Exploring our sexual selves means that we honor our own unique experiences, that we give equal respect to each other’s desires, and that we are at peace with the preferences that we are comfortable with. Thus, our entire team is committed to keep any personal information in confidence, so you can focus on yourself — just as it should be.