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Sex stores are overwhelming for women. 

Yes, they have made sexual wellness accessible, but along with it came a distressing sea of choices that failed to meet you exactly where you are in your sexual journey. 

Led by renowned sexologist Dr. Rica Cruz, Unprude is the First Stage-Sensitive Sex Store, a supportive space designed to help you identify your specific sexual stage through guided self-discovery and expert-curated products.


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Your sexual journey is yours and yours alone, and therefore has physical and psychological needs that are unique to you as you go through each sexual stage: stages that encourage you to fully embrace and understand your sexual self in all its intricacies.

Your sexual journey is unique, complex, and beautiful. Unprude is here for the ride of your lifetime.


To embrace your sexual stage is to be at peace with who you are, and not who you should be.

The Sexual Stages

I'm excited but scared. I'm a little bit intimidated. I want to learn more but I don't know where to start. I'm not ready for others to find out yet, but I want to know myself.

I want to learn about everything that will make me feel good. I want to know what sex means to me. I need to be sure of what I want. I feel that there’s more to discover about my sexual self.

I don't know who I am sexually anymore. I don't have time for my sexual self. I am no longer feeling pleasure. I am starting to resent intimacy. I am not able to prioritize myself.

I have a burning desire for intimacy. I feel very sensual. I know that the seductive side of me is emerging. I want to unleash my inner sexy goddess. Hello, slutty self!

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Explore your sexuality freely and openly, with warm comfort on one hand, and burning adventure on the other.

Our Story

Meet Dr. Rica

With her lifelong dedication in the field, Dr. Rica Cruz has delved deep into Filipino women's relationship with their sexuality. Her findings? That because we were taught to conform to society's explectations, we are unable to truly understand and embrace ourselves as we go through our sexual stages.

If there is one thing we learned from Dr. Rica Cruz, it's that we can be fierce businesswomen, nurturing mothers, loving partners, and successful professionals - or everything in between - and still be able to express our sexual selves on our own terms.

Shopping for our desires should be as ordinary and rewarding as finding the perfect pair of jeans.

Delivered in confidence, always without shame.