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Loving sex does not make us lewd and vulgar — it just makes us women.

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Our Fellow Unprudes

- Xeres, Metro Manila
I love Unprude! Sometimes it feels like other people think less of me just because I love sex — but what’s wrong with that? I never felt any form of judgement when I talk to Dr. Rica and other fellow-Unprudes about sex. Love you ladies! Really love the products here too! I got 3 different ones to try: a JO Lube Bubble Gum Flavor, the Iroha Stick and the Lelo Beads.
- Coco, Metro Manila
Finally! Where have you been all my life? Its so refreshing to see someone finally creating a community that truly talks about sex not as something raunchy and lewd but really as something we can all just enjoy guilt-free. Dr. Rica has really helped up get past our insecurities and shame brought about by our conservative family backgrounds. Now life is exciting and fun!
- Kristal, Metro Manila
The vibrators are very well designed. I started with the iroha which has a really soft and velvety texture, they feel almost like marshmallows. Ordering a few more of their other designs to try out and can’t wait to get them! Thank you for creating this group!

Dr. Rica as Seen On

A regular guest, writer, and host to podcasts, radio, tv shows, and publications,
Dr. Rica helps Filipinos everywhere rediscover the joys of sex.

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