• Understand yourself better

    Start a healthy habit of self-reflection to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • Unlock your desires

    Explore your desires with our expert-guided therapy modules to foster a fulfilling sexual journey.

  • Unplug with fun games

    Spark meaningful conversations and experiences with lovers, friends, or even just yourself with Unprude games.

  • Let Go of Sexual Shame

    Let this meditation guide you as you start your journey in becoming sexually unashamed.

  • Dealing With Infidelity

    Listen to Kei's story on how she found out about her husband’s affair.

  • Positive Separation

    This is a guided meditation to slowly release the past and build gratitude for the present.

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Can I Make Abstinence Work?

The Unprude app is an inclusive space where we can learn more about ourselves according to our own personal values. So for those who are not ready to explore sex just yet, we have resources that discuss how to make abstinence work even during times where the pressure to be sexually active may get overwhelming.

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Let's Have Mediocre Sex

Forget mindblowing sex — let’s talk about Good-Enough Sex. Only 10-15% of your sexual encounters with your partner will be AMAZING, all caps. Another 15% will be bad or even dysfunctional, and 70% will be average or good enough. It’s time we address that.

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The Madonna-Whore Complex

The Madonna-Whore Complex explains a way of thinking that oversimplifies and categorizes a woman’s sexual identity, which may affect our relationships and our sex lives.

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Unprude Stories

Through my journey I learned that the narrative I have in my head was what was holding me back.

Regina, 30

on what she learned from self-reflection

My partner and I of 12 years use the Unprude card games during date nights, and we've been learning some fun new things about each other.

Melanie, 39

on deepening her relationship

The comprehensive Sex Ed module honestly helped me realize that I'm in a toxic relationship.

Tina, 24

on taking a closer look at her relationship

I have a difficult time getting aroused, but the audio mediation "Turning Yourself On" made me realize that I'm a highly auditory person. I didn't know that about myself before!

Marcie, 33

on finding new things that work for her

I felt like I was done with my sex life, but hearing the stories of other women my age own their sexuality inspired me to explore that side of myself again.

Diana, 46

on rediscovering her sexual self

This is a brand new journey for us!

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