• “Is there anything wrong with me?” — we’ve all been there, and that is okay. We find ourselves in the Conflicted Stage when confusion, fear, or even sheer exhaustion takes over the excitement and pleasure.

    These can be from our everyday responsibilities and pressures, and even from our platonic and romantic relationships.
    Know that there is nothing to be ashamed of in finding yourself at this stage. It happens, and that’s okay.

  • The Conflicted Stage might look something like this:

    I don’t know who I am sexually anymore.

    I don’t have time for my sexual self.

    I am no longer feeling pleasure.

    I am starting to resent intimacy.

    I am not able to prioritize myself.

Does it mean that there is something wrong with you? Absolutely not. Is there anything we can do about it? Yes. By slowly reclaiming ourselves — learning to set aside time where you can put yourself first again, taking time to do what gives you pleasure, and nourishing your mind, your spirit, and your body. 

Reclaiming ourselves can be difficult, so take your time. Remember, put what you need first. 

When you are ready to explore yourself again, come back, and we’ll be here for you. 

Reclaiming ourselves is learning to set aside time where you can put yourself first again, taking time to do what gives you pleasure, and nourishing your mind, your spirit, and your body.

No Pressure

Lubes can be a great help in taking the pressure off ourselves as we try to reprioritize our sexual selves and give ourselves the attention we deserve. We’ve put together lubes that are designed to help you get aroused and back on track towards reclaiming your sexual self.  

Find Comfort

It’s important to learn how to feel comfortable in your body again – to know that it’s okay to put your wants and needs first, that it’s okay to want to feel good, that it’s okay to focus on yourself. In these moments, toys can help us feel good in our own bodies again without the pressure.