• The Careful Stage is where you may feel the most scared and nervous of what you might discover. This stage, however, isn’t just for newbies or beginners — anyone can find themselves at this stage.

    If you feel intimidated exploring your sexual self, or when you feel the need for greater assurance and care, then you may be at the Careful Stage.

    Know that feeling this way is perfectly normal — and that giving your whole being the care, safety, and ease that it needs as you explore yourself, is part of being an unprude woman.

  • The Careful Stage might look something like this:

    I'm excited but scared.

    I'm a little bit intimidated.

    I want to learn more but I don't know where to start.

    I'm not ready for others to find out yet, but I want to know myself.

Toys can be intimidating, yes, but they’re also an amazing ally in learning about the strokes that we like.  So we’ve put together choices that you can start with — cute vibrators that bring you pleasure, without the fear of being embarrassed in case someone accidentally catches a glimpse of it on your drawer or night stand!

– Dr. Rica Cruz

When you have the right kind, lubes can make a world of difference.

No Pressure

Not only do they take a lot of pressure off, but flavored lubes can make things a lot more interesting in the bedroom! If you’ve never tried them yet, here are a few to get you started.

Curated for U.

All of our lubes are personally picked out because of their unique silky texture, delightful flavours, and quality body-safe ingredients. When you’re ready to try more unique flavors and sensations, check out these favorites to start.