New Year's Intentions for 2024

New Year's Intentions for 2024

Need some inspiration with your New Year’s intentions? We asked some of the members of the Unprude community what their goals are for 2024. 

1) "To initiate sex more with my partner.

I used to think that sex is something that should just happen, or that I should never have to ask for sex. But in a long-term relationship, I'm learning that sex is something to actively make time for.” - Diana, 41

2) "Find peace in my own company.

It can be difficult being by yourself, especially if you’re not used to being alone. I’ve forgotten how to enjoy just being with me. It’s time for me to get to know myself better again.” - Krisha, 27

3) "Be brave and ask guys out.

AHH! I always get so nervous around people I like, and it doesn’t help that people tell me that a girl should never make the first move! I don’t care na. THIS IS MY YEAR! Wish me luck!” - Grace, 23

4) “Set boundaries.

I never really thought to speak up when something was making me uncomfortable, or I end up feeling guilty after saying something. A lot of my friends have told me that’s not healthy, and they’re right.” - Bea, 29

5) “Say ‘I love you’ more often.

Not just with my partner, but with all my loved ones. I just want them to know.” - Nat, 32

6) “Take dance lessons

There’s something about dancing that’s always been so sexy to me! I hope it translates well in the boudoir, because I wanna do some dances for my hubby. Hehe.” - Carol, 28

7) “Be more honest about what I want.

Whenever I match with someone on Bumble, I end up not being myself at all. I just tell them what I think they wanna hear, so that I can get some. I guess that’s not fair.” - Lex, 21

8) “Cook.

I’m so dependent on other people cooking for me, but I’m about to start living on my own soon, and I wanna surprise my fiance with a homemade dinner.” - Nina, 33

9) “Wear sleeveless shirts

I feel so insecure about my arms, pero ang init-init sa Pilipinas! My body is beautiful, and it deserves more than to be punished with the sweltering heat.” - Casey, 24

10) “Spend more time with my daughter.

You really have your work cut out for you when you’re a single parent. I’ve always tried my best to be there for my daughter’s most important moments, but I know I’ve missed out on some. She’s about to be a teenager soon, and I want to make sure she knows she can always come to me when she needs me.” - Cess, 35

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