What Turns You On: The Philosophy of Eroticism

What Turns You On: The Philosophy of Eroticism

The Philosophy of Eroticism

Many of us may find ourselves falling into a routine as our romantic relationships progress, most especially when we start living together with our significant others or spend a great deal of our time with them.

It’s natural to settle down and find a rhythm with a long-term partner; it’s a result of being comfortable and at ease around each other. Nevertheless, we can spice things up and keep things feeling fresh and exciting by injecting an extra sense of eroticism into our lives.

Although our general notion of the word ‘erotic’ is usually associated with the act of sex itself and the set-up that surrounds it, eroticism is found in more places than solely the bedroom. We can build allure and sensuality in our relationships through a multitude of ways in the otherwise mundane instances of everyday life.


Sweet Nothings

Enkindling an erotic environment in a relationship can be as simple as sprinkling in playful moments throughout the day to show your love. Have fun with it and look for ways to surprise your partner with little hints of affection.

You could whisper something sexy in their ear while they’re getting ready for their day, then steal a kiss before they head out the door. Send a flirty text to them while they’re out to let them know you’re thinking of them. When they get home, greet them with a warm hug or maybe even offer them a massage.

Romantic gestures and tender moments like these are a good way to surround ourselves with a constant flow of amorous energy. Get creative with it, and excite yourself with your own ideas.


The In-Betweens

And while it is true that something erotic suggests sexual arousal, the sweet moments we share don’t necessarily have to be seductive or provocative to be erotic.

Even in literature, tension is usually built not through explicit actions, but more so in ordinary situations. Often, the thoughtfulness of another person is enough to ignite a flame within ourselves and make our hearts flutter.

Imagine waking up to your partner making breakfast. Once they hear you approaching, they take a glance over their shoulder and flash you a smile as they pull out a chair for you. You notice that they know exactly how you like your eggs and how you take your coffee, or that you’d rather have tea. They’re wearing that sweater they know you love to see them in, their hair looking perfect in the sunlight.

Wouldn’t that be such a sight to behold?


What’s Within You

Our relationship with ourselves is also an essential part of exploring our erotic identity and finding how we express our own unique quality of eroticism.

We can find it in anything that empowers us and makes us feel alive, like our hobbies and sports or the different ways we choose to express ourselves—the way we dress, how we style our hair, or how we carry ourselves.

We could bask in our own erotic light by dressing up and dancing our hearts out when we’re home alone or by simply taking some time to relax and experience our body in solitude.


Eroticism as a Philosophy

Welcoming eroticism into our lives and integrating it into our daily activities is a wonderful path towards mindfulness and gratitude. Being present helps us savor our experiences and appreciate them as they are happening.

In doing so, we don’t exactly eliminate routines; rather, we see that the time we spend with our partner is special, regardless of whether it’s an extraordinary event or not.

When was the last time you reveled in the feeling of your partner’s touch as you wrapped your arms around each other? The next time you cuddle, let yourself really feel their warmth and how happy you feel just being there.

Living with an erotic philosophy is finding romance in the lulls and the day-to-day, or creating opportunities to show your affection in those open spaces.


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